Guest Lecturer: Prof. Bernhard Kainz

Anomaly Detection Seminar

5/1/20221 min read

Guest Lecturer: Prof. Bernhard Kainz

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Bernhard Kainz will be delivering a talk on the fascinating topic of unsupervised anomaly detection and addressing the challenges posed by the long-tail distribution of pathologies in medical imaging.

Prof. Kainz currently holds the position of Reader (equivalent to US/EU Associate Professor++) in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, where he leads the Human-in-the-Loop Computing Group and co-leads the Biomedical Image Analysis Research Group (BioMedIA). Additionally, he serves as a Professor at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, heading the Image Data Exploration and Analysis Lab (IDEA Lab).

Date: 24.05.2024 at 2pm

Location: TUM, Garching (during the anomaly detection seminar)